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The App!!!
Name.Age.Location: Amber.15 years of history./seattle.
Rant about something that annoys you: I don't drink/smoke/do drugs/sleep around, so i guess you could say i was straight edge if you really wanted too, i pretty much just say i'm young and uninterested, but the people that piss me off almost as much as racist/sexist/homophobic people do, are the ones that run around with x's on their hand with shirts/hoodies/pins/etc. that scream "i'm straight edge" who love nothing more than when people offer them one of the "oh so anti-edge" entities so that they can bat away the offer with rants about how "hardcore edge" they are, rather than just straight up saying "no".
Tell us some shit about yourself:
I've got two different colored eyes.
see here

I run. A lot.
I pole vault. A lot.
I like to dance in cars, not in my underwear.
I like bright bandanas.
I like dark bandanas too.
I like bands with more than 4 words in the name.
I like shows.
I like slam dancing at shows.
I like to laugh at people who think they know how to slam dance at shows when they really don't.
I like to make third grade level sentences that start with the words "I like" or "I dislike"
I dislike racism. homophobia. and sexism.
I dislike hate. and fear.
I very much dislike drama.
I like not eating meat and not drinking milk.
I like refridgerated pizza.
I also like grilled cheese.
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