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dudeyrsovain's Journal

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The Rules

-put "psh, yr vain" in the subject of your application.(put some effort into your application, it's short so i expect to be pleased.
-lj-cut---or i'll delete your shit.
-we enjoy your livejournal drama, so bring it.
-if you are rejected then leave the community.
-if you haven't been accepted, you are NOT allowed to vote. NOR are you allowed to comment in other people's posts.
-if the mod doesn't like you, you may still be rejected.
-you may promote other communities but remember that dudeyrsovain needs to be promoted too.
-you are expected to STAY ACTIVE---if you are not active you will be banned.
-all comments and questions should be sent to thrashintrashion@gmail.com with your username and community name in the subject of the email.

The App!!!
Rant about something that annoys you:
Tell us some shit about yourself:
Promote us in two places(show proof):
Post at least 4 clear pictures of yourself, no more then 10:

i made it easy, don't fuck it up.

Promotional banners.